Flex CircuitsFlexible Circuit

1 to 3+ mil (25μm) custom high density flex circuits. From idea to production in a few days to a few weeks (complexity dependent). Challenge us with your tight tolerance flex application and use us as your production partners (ISO 9001).

Laser MicromachiningLaser Micromachining

Highly precise and accurate laser micromachining and laser drilling to sub +/- 5μm tolerance and down to 10μm spot drilling. Dicing, Skiving, circuit singulation, routing and more.

Reduce Size, Footprint & Cost

Get to Market Faster & with a Competitive Advantage

1 mil trace and space & microvias on a wide range of material combinations tell only half the story with our flexible circuits. A team approach, continuously improving Lean Thinking processes, and ISO 9001 certification means you get higher quality prototypes in days, not weeks and more value on the back end with medium-volume production. We’ll help design it and then build it.

Why MicroConnex?

We understand the subtleties of high density flex circuits better than anyone. Our R&D capabilities are unmatched.

  • 1 mil trace & space, multilayer, and up to 12 inches
  • Blind and Buried Vias down to 1 mil (25μm, with 10μm; spot)
  • Photo, plating, thin film, laser direct write – ALL in house
  • FAST prototyping and ISO 9001 certified production

Can Anyone Else Do This?

They were stumped. They needed a 25μm circuit with 27μm copper in 3 layers with flying leads, tight via/pad registration and ultra-tight spacing. We did it, and faster than anyone expected…

  • 8 full hours saved by customer in assembly time….
  • A pure team effort with 4 to 5 iterations of engineering run…
  • The result: customer saved thousands of dollars.

Call us… We’ll help you design a smaller, lighter, and more reliable flex circuit and start production in 20 days or less.

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