Thin Film Deposition Services for Manufacturing and Advanced R&D Applications

Thin film deposition is an effective method for creating optical films, diffusion barriers, seed or bonding surfaces for multilayer structures, and embedded passive components such as resistors, thermistors, thermocouples, strain gauges, IR detectors, and implantable electrodes.

Our thin film deposition services include sputtering thin film, reactive sputtering for oxides and nitrides, and thermal evaporation for specialized thermoelectric materials. We have two magnetron sputter sources—a 6 kW DC and 2 kW RF—and two planar RF diodes, which allow deposition of different materials without breaking vacuum.

Thin Film Deposition and Plasma Cleaning Capability

The MicroConnex thin film work center specializes in deposition of high-quality thin films for custom manufacturing and advanced R&D applications, including metals, semiconductors, oxides, and nitrides. Films can be sputtered over substrates with diameters up to 150 mm and to thicknesses of 3000 nm (3 μm). Films can be deposited as blanket layers or can be patterned with lithography or laser-cut shadow masks.

Our thin film deposition services include the following capabilities:

  • Sputtering standard targets, including Ag, Al, Au, B2 alloy, Constantan, Cr, Cu, Ir, Ni, nichrome, Si, Ti, TiW, and Zr
  • Reactive sputtering on oxides and nitrides, such as IrO2, TiOx, Al2O3, TiN, TiWOx, TiWN, NiMoFeOx, and Si3N4
  • Plasma etching (O2, CF4) and RF sputter etching (Ar), to clean and activate surfaces and enhance adhesion prior to sputter deposition. For plasma etching of bulk materials, large-scale cleaning can be performed on multiple panels up to 460 mm x 560 mm.
  • Managing thermal effects of temperature-sensitive substrates (e.g. thin polymers, ferroelectrics, and piezoelectric ceramics) by tailoring deposition duty cycles to the substrate and the material with custom control software developed in house

Refer to our Capabilities & Guidelines to see material options for thin film deposition services.


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